Where the Light Shines Through

An Olivia Penn Mystery


Castle meets Clue in this fun, fast-paced, fresh take on the cozy mystery.

Olivia’s syndicated advice column is about solving problems … not murders. But when she returns to her hometown of Apple Station in Virginia to visit her dad, she has five days to expose a killer or fall prey as the next victim …

“This book is written with such beautiful descriptions …Where the Light Shines Through has a brilliant cast of characters that exude the feeling of a small town. “

  – Manhattan Book Review

“Bailey’s winning debut will thrill fans of the cozy mystery genre … Olivia’s vividly sketched hometown of Apple Station is so alive with warmth and local color that it brings to mind a southern version of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls … With these engaging, well-conceived characters, and expertly crafted twists that will keep readers guessing, this mystery is sure to please readers looking for an adventure with plenty of intrigue and a comforting conclusion.”

– BookLife Review

Excerpt from Where the Light Shines Through:


Today, you were a most enchanted child. As Daddy and I sat on the porch enjoying a fine evening, you saw your first firefly. With you sitting on my lap, one of our little summer friends came to rest on your arm. You gazed at it, and when it glowed, your eyes widened. You looked at us in amazement! When the glow disappeared, your smile left, and you turned sad. When the glow returned, your face beamed as if you had discovered something magical. Daddy and I laughed, and then we carried you to the backyard where hundreds of fireflies danced in the night sky. You pointed to as many of the lights as you could until you fell asleep. May you always be looking for your lights. Even the darkest of night skies can never extinguish the glow of the smallest light.




“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”