The Olivia Penn Mystery Series:

Silence Says the Most

Book Two


“This enthralling small-town cozy abounds with suspense, surprise, and autumn atmosphere … Silence Says the Most also offers that crucial ingredient for the standout series cozy: a hero worth rooting for and capable of surprising readers … Bailey pulls readers in with charming descriptions and personalities … fans of small-town amateur detectives will be hooked from the start.”

– BookLife Reviews, Editor’s Pick for superlative book

“Blooming Good! Kathleen Bailey’s second book in her Olivia Penn Mystery is another clever, engaging drama with a complex mystery … Kathleen’s writing style is very entertaining with sensory-laden description of the environment, the Halloween festivities, characters, and mood, and her banter illustrates well the emotional connections and multi-generational personalities … Complex mystery. Diverse characters. A nice bit of romance. A favorite in my book!”

– Kings River Life Magazine

Silence Says the Most is well written, just like its predecessor, and I felt like I was at home again in the small town of Apple Station. Olivia is a fantastic main character who is smart, witty, and curious … I really enjoyed the easy flow of the story and the way the author connects the dots little by little … The witty banter between the characters is also light-hearted and a fun experience … Silence Says the Most has a great twist at the end of the book that I wasn’t able to guess, but that made complete and total sense … You just can’t beat a small town with its small-town mysteries and small-town characters!”

— San Francisco Book Review

Five days before Halloween, fall turns frightful in Apple Station when a child’s drawing entangles Olivia in a murder at a park lake.

Olivia’s hometown is gearing up for its annual Halloween festival, and pumpkins, corn mazes, and autumn vibes are everywhere. All is cozy in the crisp fall air as excitement builds for the costume parade on Friday. A casual Monday lakeside picnic lunch with her forever friend, though, sets off a chain of events that catches Olivia in the wrong place at the wrong time …

Praise for The Olivia Penn Mystery Series:

“Bailey’s winning debut will thrill fans of the cozy mystery genre … Olivia’s vividly sketched hometown of Apple Station is so alive with warmth and local color that it brings to mind a southern version of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls … With these engaging, well-conceived characters, and expertly crafted twists that will keep readers guessing, this mystery is sure to please readers looking for an adventure with plenty of intrigue and a comforting conclusion.”

– BookLife Review

“This was a delightfully charming read that I could not put down until all was said and done. The author knows how to tell a story where the tone was comfortable and the multi-plot whodunit had all the elements to keep me enthralled from beginning to end.”

– Dru’s Book Musings

“Big Fun! Kathleen Bailey’s first book in her Olivia Penn Mystery series is a delightfully fun, complex mystery offering traditional cozy elements, a strong female lead, stifled “heart chakra,” diverse multi-generational personalities, small town connections, and interesting family dynamics. The mystery was a mystery within a mystery … Engaging. Couldn’t put it down … Bailey’s writing is entertaining, well-paced, and witty.”

– Kings River Life Magazine

“A fantastic start to a new series … This book is written with such beautiful descriptions … Where the Light Shines Through has a brilliant cast of characters that exude the feeling of a small town.”

– Manhattan Book Review

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”