What does a mystery writer do on a snow day? Stage a crime scene with a snowman, of course. Doesn’t everyone?? Here’s a peek at the book I won’t be writing soon!

Ironed Out: The Olivia Penn Mystery Series Book 1.11 (not coming soon!)

When walking through a forest on a snowy winter day, Olivia comes across a gruesome crime scene. Somebody has been roaming her hometown of Apple Station, Virginia, turning snowmen into slush.

Now, the mayor has threatened to cancel the town festival, preventing her best friend’s grandmother from winning the baking competition for the fourth year in a row. Tension runs high as an extreme ironing competition (author’s note: that’s an actual thing) has rolled into town, and the athletes are steamed at being accused of the crime. Is one of them a saboteur or are they all being hung out to dry?

Olivia is pressed to investigate, tiptoeing around the buff and hunky lead detective who repeatedly reminds her she is not the police. With her trusty puppy by her side, Olivia races against the clock to save the town festival and find the real killer before the next snowman gets … Ironed Out!

If you like Frosty the Snowman and starched shirts, you will love this heart-warming cozy mystery that reminds us to be grateful for wrinkle resistant clothing.

Recipes included.

NOT coming to a store near you!

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