Happy Reading New Year!

A new year brings excitement as we all eye our TBRs, anticipating those books we finally will get to. We swear … this is the year. Then, the new releases come, and the TBR packs on a few extra pounds. No matter! You’re a reader, and the more the merrier, the bigger the better. Is there a series you’ve been wanting to start or finish? Are you seeking adventure, thrills, and chills in a new genre? Are you starting a book club or joining in on discussions with your best buddies on book tube? What’s the book this year that will keep you locked inside, letting the phone go to voice mail and shunning your notifications as you turn page after page, lost in a story that has taken hold of you and won’t let go? Whatever books you find or that find you, I wish you a fantastic reading year and the best of luck with your reading goals! Happy reading!

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