Under the Cocoon Moon

Under the Cocoon Moon

The Olivia Penn Mystery Series BOOK THREE



A dead body in the woods … A rare sapphire is missing … The connection changes her life forever.

Olivia Penn is looking forward to spending time with her friends and family over the holidays in her hometown of Apple Station, Virginia. The Christmas season’s spirit has sparked a new romance, and all is looking merry and bright, until she is mistaken for a dead woman.

When a stranger makes a wild accusation involving the parents of the man she’s falling for, Olivia faces a no-win situation. As evidence mounts supporting the claim, a mysterious murder occurs near his father’s cabin that attracts the attention of the FBI. Wedged between mother and son, Olivia investigates to clear his family’s name while matching wits with a legendary thief.

With the clock ticking, Olivia must set a trap using herself as the bait or the killer may disappear without a trace. Her new love hangs in the balance, and her life is on the line. Justice will hinge on sixty minutes and a phone call.

Will the call be answered? Or will the thief recover the sapphire and silence her forever?

If you like Clue, Nancy Drew, and small town, cozy mysteries with heart and humor, a charming cast of characters, and a twisty plot, you’ll love Under the Cocoon Moon, the third book in The Olivia Penn Mystery Series.



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“One thing I really appreciate about the way Bailey writes is that she doesn’t rush the story. Her description of her characters, their personalities, and the setting are all paced well so that the reader can really get a feel for the environment and its energy.”

“The small town of Apple Station, Virginia gives Gilmore Girl Stars Hollow vibes but with mysteries.”

“The book has lighthearted humor throughout as well as an element of danger. Readers will find themselves guessing as characters reveal their true selves. This is an excellent read for anyone who loves cozy mysteries mixed with an exciting action-filled plot.”

– Chicago Book Review

“The sense of community is strong throughout the fast-paced novel as evidenced by the support of likable figures … Olivia is a memorable protagonist, whose caring nature is equally matched with her intelligence … sure to please fans of cozy, holiday mysteries.”

– BookLife Reviews