February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ferris Wheel Day, International Book Giving Day, and Library Lover’s Day!

It’s a big day indeed, and there’s a lot of ground to cover. I’m going to tackle the Big Kahuna and offer this short tag all about the books we love. Please share your answers to any or all of them and be sure to pass the tag along to your book buddies on BookTube or in your book clubs.

Valentine’s Day Book Tag

  1. Puppy Love: the first book you remember loving as a child.
  2. First crush: the first book that was eye-opening and jaw-dropping.
  3. Love at first sight: a book you fell in love with because of its cover.
  4. Blind date: the book you knew nothing about going in but hit it off with right away.
  5. Head over heels: the book you fell so hard for, you couldn’t stop talking about it.
  6. Made for each other: two books you would like to see get together and have a baby series.
  7. Second chance romance: the book you were ready to give up on but stuck with, and you’re glad you did.
  8. Love of a lifetime: the book that will never get old, the one you can always come home to.  

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